About us

We are dedicated to providing care and assistance for your children at home or elsewhere and our services focus on satisfying any individual needs. Our highly experienced, certified team is readily available at all hours of the day, also in case of urgent requests. Each one of our qualified babysitters assure hours of energetic, imaginative fun as well as time spent constructively, suited to your children's needs.
Our services take a step beyond looking after children. We naturally believe in placing high importance on safety and security, as well as prioritizing your children`s health and well-being. We also believe in promoting social integration, self-discipline, and education in general, for children to find their place in the world and to lead a fulfilling life. We ensure that their time with us is spent meaningfully, by way of gaining new experiences, learning from the past, and continually growing in mind and spirit.

If you have questions we welcome any form of contact listed out on our Contact page.